The Orange Maine Coon – Everything you need to know

an adult ginger maine coon cat looking at camera
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Do orange Maine Coons make good pets? How common are ginger Maine Coons? How adorable are orange Maine Coon Kittens? (The answer is VERY). This guide covers all you need to know about the lesser seen Maine Coon colouring.

orange maine coon kitten on a sofa
The Adorable Orange Maine Coon Kitten

The Orange Maine Coon – Everything you need to know

It probably comes as no surprise that at this site we are a fan of a ginger cat and none come more royal than the stunning Ginger Maine Coon.

Officially known as ‘Red Maine Coons’ they can often be referred to as Marmalade or orange as well.

However, the 5 official colours are:

  • Solid Red
  • Red Classic Tabby
  • Red Smoked
  • Red Mackeral Tabby
  • Red Ticked Tabby

Despite having 5 different variants, they are all some form of ‘Red Tabby’ even the ‘Solid Red’ whose contrasting stripes are still present, just very similar in colouring – giving the ‘solid’ appearance. With all colourings, they seem to appear/develop more as the kitten grows.

The fur of a Maine Coon will always be medium to long in length and requires a lot of grooming, therefore you should take this into consideration when deciding if this breed is right for you.

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Alongside their magnificent coat, they will also have a striking copper/golden eye colouring or at times emerald green.

How big to Maine Coon cats grow?

Typically, a fully grown Maine Coon cat will be between 6-8kg, with males being bigger than females.

Looking at them lengthways, from nose to tail at full growth they can be up to one metre long!

To accommodate their giant size you will need to purchase a specially designed cat tree for large cats

an adult ginger maine coon cat looking at camera

Are orange Maine Coons’ rare?

While ginger Maine Coons may not be as common as other colours, such as grey, they are still not very rare.

As colouring is all down to breeding, many breeders will tend to breed ‘certain colours’ and will become known as reputable breeders for that particular colour of Maine Coon.

Always be sure to research cat breeders and receive recommendations instead of simply buying a cat from anyone. Reputable and respected breeders will always allow you to see the kittens with their mum and will be able to trace the cat’s family line.  

Can you get female ginger Maine Coon cats?

Yes, you can get orange female Maine coons. While ginger cats are predominately male, it is not impossible to get a ginger female cat (like it is impossible to have a male tortoiseshell).

This is because the ginger gene which produces the orange colour is on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes and so need two copies of this gene to become ginger, whereas males need only one. This means there are roughly three males to one female ginger cat.

Ginger tom cats father tortoiseshell or ginger females. If both parents are orange, then they will have all ginger kittens as well.

The Maine Coon personality

Maine Coons are gentle giants, making them a great option for a family cat.

They are known as the ‘dog of the cat world’ due to their size being typically larger than other cat breeds. They also display loyalty traits, much like a dog would.

Although affectionate they are fairly independent – not demanding and can be very vocal. Like most cat breeds, they love to hunt and chase – so make sure you have lots of toys around the house.

two maine coon cats sleeping - both ginger

Does the colour of a Maine Coon decide the personality?

There are many old wives’ tales which suggest the colouring of a cat dictates their personality and to some degree, after 10 years of working with cats, I do believe this is true (I am looking at the sassy tortoiseshells).

However, there is no science behind this but again, in my opinion, male ginger cats, in particular, are the softest, gentle and affectionate of the cat colours.

Are orange Maine Coon cats predisposed to any diseases?

Like all colours of Maine Coon, ginger Maine Coons are predisposed to certain diseases – a type of heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

This does not mean the cat will 100% get this disease within their lifetime, it is just something to be aware of. All most all pedigree breeds are predisposed to certain diseases.

The history of the Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat is considered the only longhair breed native to the United States.

It is believed the breed was introduced by seamen who sailed into New England. The cats they carried on their ships most likely left the ship either permanently or just for a little shore leave, bred with the existing native cats, and ultimately created a breed of their own.

What should I call my ginger cat?

Choosing the perfect name for your cat can be difficult but we have plenty of options to help you out:

Facts about Maine Coons

  • The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed.
  • A Maine Coon cat stared in the Harry Potter film series. Mrs Norris was Maine coon companion to the castle’s caretaker, Argus Filch.
  • They are a talkative breed. All cats like to chat but Maine Coons, in particular, like to make their presence known through various trills and chirps as well as the standard meows.
  • It is said that Maine Coon cats LOVE water, so be sure to create some super fun water-based homemade toys for your Maine Coon kitten.