Welcome to The Ginger Cat House – A Cat Blog For All!

The goal of this cat blog is to gather cat enthusiasts from all around the world and share useful information to help keep your cat happy.

From kitten essentials to the best biodegradable cat litters to cat diarrhoea advice. Our aim is to share useful and correct knowledge to help promote positive cat welfare, happiness and ownership. 

(As well as share lots of cute photos!)

The Ginger Cat House was created by someone with over 10 years experience in the Veterinary industry but Ginger Cat House does not aim to replace your Veterinarian. Ginger Cat House offers practical advice but will always advise you to seek Veterinary attention for further information if your cat is unwell.

Ginger Cat House only shares products which have been tried and tested by a member of the team unless otherwise stated. Ensuring recommendations are accurate and honest.

Meet the team:

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