The Safest and Best Cat Trees for Large Cats 2020

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Cats love heights. Whether it is to climb during play or to find somewhere secure and out of the way to sleep, cats naturally gravitate towards being high up, which having a decent cat tree in your house is always advised. However, it is not always as easy to find a suitable cat tree for large cats, many are on the smaller side and often inadequate for our larger breed cats.

Many cat trees will arrive a lot smaller than expected or will be flimsy and unsuitable for a big cat. When shopping online it is hard to know which large cat tower to buy, which is why I have put together our favourite large cat scratching posts to make the decision easier.

The Safest and Best Cat Trees for Large Cats 2020

When deciding on your cat tower the online photos can be deceiving, therefore, it is important to look at the dimensions as opposed to the image.  Personally, for a large cat, I would not purchase a cat tower smaller than 1 metre (100cm) in height, any smaller and your cat will not be able to use it to suitable stretch and express normal jumping.

This is the Columbus Grand Climber Cat Activity Centre we use for our cat. The multiple levels offer dimension and the sturdy bottom means it does not topple when she gets too excited. It does also have a hiding bed hold, which is a good size, however, she rarely uses this.

Quick Comparisons –  Top Large Cat Towers

My Pick (Used in our house)Pets at Home Columbus Grand Climber Cat Activity Centre164cm64cm
The Ultimate Cat Tower XXL Big Breed Cat Trees Scratch Post173cm60cm
Best Budget Large Cat TreeFEANDREA Cat Tree143cm45cm
Tallest Cat TowerZoomundo Large Cat Tree Climbing Tower Tree255cm60cm
Best Cat Jungle Gym Archie and Oscar Cat Tree195cm 60cm

Pets at Home Columbus Grand Climber Cat Activity Centre

multi level cat tree for large cats

As mentioned this Big Cat Tower is the tree my cat has been using over the past year and it has served her well.

The multiple levels encourage climbing and the different textures engage interest. As mentioned, she does not particularly use the hiding hole but it is roomy and suitable for a bigger cat.

Most importantly, the tower has a strong, stable base, meaning it will not fall over when your cat’s play gets a bit more excitable.

The tower comes flat packed with self-assemble instructions but it is relatively simple to follow and put together.

XXL Extra Big Breed Trees Scratch Post

This mammoth cat tree comes highly rated and was specially designed with large breed cats in mind. It has the highest price of all the big cat towers listed here but the reviews appear to justify the price.

Weighing in at 64kg, this cat tower is incredibly sturdy making it perfect for Maine Coon and Norweigan Forest breeds or for multi-cat households.

Along with the climbing aspect, this tree also includes various hammock beds giving your cat high-up sleeping options, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviours.


When purchased through Amazon, the Feandrea Cat Tree comes out the best for value for money. Again it comes flat-packed but with easy to follow instructions.

This particular tree also comes with a sturdy base and various beds, however, I find most cats tend to prefer the hammock beds, therefore it is a shame that this one is at lower level as opposed to higher.

Again, it comes with great reviews and if you are looking for a budget tall cat tower I recommend buying this one.

Zoomundo Large Cat Tree Climbing Tower Tree

At an incredible 255cm this is the tallest cat tower I have managed to find which still maintains a great quality. This cat tower is perfect for large cats who love to climb and watch over from a height.

The tree has multiple different levels as well as beds at different heights making it very interactive and perfect for curious cats.

This tree also comes in a variety of colours to help match your home decor. The only minor downside of this big cat tower is the width in comparison to the height, meaning it may not be as sturdy as some of the shorter trees with wider bases, however, in the reviews I have not seen anyone bring this up as an issue.

Archie and Oscar Cat Jungle Gym 

cat jungle gym for big cats

If you are looking for something extra special for an excitable cat then this cat jungle gym from Archie and Oscar maybe a top choice.

Alongside being a great cat tower for bigger cats this also extends into a full cat climbing frame – perfect for multi-cat households or indoor cats with bundles of energy.

I love the look of this particular cat tower and if I had more space it would definitely be on my cat wishlist.

What to look for when purchasing a large cat tower


A common mistake and one which I have previously made myself when getting a kitten is buying a tree for their current size.

Purchasing a kitten scratching post may seem like a good idea but it will not last long at all. Purchase a tower for their expected adult size, especially when purchasing a scratching post for a large cat.

Not only will it save you a lot of money in the long run, if they get used to it from a kitten they will be more inclined to use it throughout their whole life.

Kitten scratching posts are generally a waste of money, buy a large cat tree from the start.


Hopefully, this has been emphasised throughout but for large cats (and most cats) by a cat tower with good height.

Cat towers are essential for allowing your cat to stretch their backs, scratch their nails, strengthen core muscles and generally exhibit natural behaviours. A small tree will not allow them to do this and in turn, you may encounter some behavioural issues.

As previously mentioned, I would go for a cat tower which is at least 100cm in height.

kitten on smaller post not a suitable cat tree for large cats


The majority of cat play towers come covered in furry type material, this is generally there for comfort as well as for grip when climbing.

Annoyingly, this does not help for hygiene and generally, most cat towers are not washable. To get around this, every so often you use an odour and stain remover on the tree, however, try not to do this too frequently, as cats rely on having their own scent on items to feel secure.

When looking for a cat tower, look for a one which has various different textures, this will aid engagement as well as give them different textures to scratch nails.

Does my cat need a scratching post or cat tower?

If you have space then I would always recommend having a cat tree in your home, if your cat is indoor-only then I would say it is essential.

Cats need to be able to exhibit natural behaviours in order to be happy and if your home does not provide places to stretch, climb and hide up high they will not be able to do this. In turn, you may start to see behavioural issues as a result.

With many cat towers on the market, it is easier than ever to find one suitable for your home, even if it is compact.

I hope this round-up of the best and safest cat trees for large cats has helped you select the perfect cat tower for your cat!