119 Adorable Nature Inspired Cat Names

Do you love the great outdoors? What better way to honour your love than by giving nature inspired cat name to your new addition.

Some people opt for a whimsical cat name, or their favourite season and some may want to name their cat after their favourite popstar! Naming a pet is all down to individual tastes and style.

If you have a love of the natural world and love being outside, then a nature themed cat name might just be the perfect choice for you and your new addition.

grey cat in nature
We think Atlas would be the perfect nature inspired cat name for this beauty!

Below we have put together our favourite nature cat names, including outdoor names for female cats as well as males. All you need to do is find the one that suits your new bundle of fur best.

119 Adorable Nature Inspired Cat Names

  1. Willow
  2. River
  3. Bear
  4. Daisy
  5. Attenborough (After David Attenborough)
  6. Forest
  7. Luna
  8. Ocean
  9. Aspen
  10. Rain
  11. Sky
  12. Ivy
  13. Aurora
  14. Leaf
  15. Brook
  16. Meadow
  17. Star
  18. Atlas
  19. Berry
  20. Stone
  21. Thunder
  22. Fern
  23. Cloud
  24. Dahlia
  25. Ruby
  26. Autumn
  27. Rose
  28. Maple
  29. Storm
  30. Pine
  31. Misty
  32. Sable
  33. Lily
  34. Echo
  35. Ember
  36. Blaze
  37. Solstice
  38. Comet
  39. Hazel
  40. Snow
  41. Sierra
  42. Blossom
  43. Wren
  44. Falcon
  45. Birch
  46. Coral
  47. Dove
  48. Tiger
  49. Orchid
  50. Flash
  51. Jade
  52. Ash
  53. Wolf
  54. Crow
  55. Swift
  56. Clover
  57. Raindrop
  58. Rusty
  59. Cinnamon
  60. Hawk
  61. Saffron
  62. Mocha
  63. Lotus
  64. Olive
  65. Juniper
  66. Starling
  67. Tigerlily
  68. Basil
  69. Pippin
  70. Zephyr
  71. Thistle
  72. Canyon
  73. Opal
  74. Gypsy
  75. Pebble
  76. North
  77. Marigold
  78. Raine
  79. Swan
  80. Finch
  81. Tawny
  82. Zara
  83. Jasmine
  84. Cypress
  85. Jasper
  86. Meadowlark
  87. Lark
  88. Breeze
  89. Fern
  90. Willow
  91. Orion
  92. Cedar
  93. Pearl
  94. Blaze
  95. Everest
  96. Savannah
  97. Juno
  98. Echo
  99. Onyx
  100. Nova
  101. Flint
  102. Rainforest
  103. Puma
  104. Indigo
  105. Maple
  106. Sierra
  107. Ivy
  108. Rocky
  109. Coral
  110. Fern
  111. Basil
  112. Olive
  113. Frost
  114. Fox
  115. Robin
  116. Kestral
  117. Fisher
  118. Hunter
  119. Poppy
tabby cat in grass outdoors

Tips for helping your cat learn their name

Cats are very intelligent animals but it can take time for them to learn their name, so it is important to be patient. During the naming period be sure to only use their chosen name positively and during positive experiences such as petting and receiving treats.

Say their name gently and softly. Avoid high pitched voices, aggressive tones or shouting. A negative experience with their name could lead to them associating their name with a bad experience.

We often end up having various names for our cats. They can get shortened or over time, as we learn their personalities more, nicknames will form. However, it is important during the learning period only their full name is used (for example, if the cat is called Baymax only call them this while learning, do not interchange between Baymax, Bay, Max, etc) this will help prevent confusion.

Each time your cat responds to their name reward them! This can be with either a tasty treat or their favourite toy.

Ideally, you will not want to let your cat outside until you are confident they will respond to their name. However, to ease any concerns you may also want to look into getting your cat a GPS Cat Tracker Collar.

Have you found the perfect nature cat name? Let us know if you choose one of ours!