7 Super Simple Homemade Cat Toys

Looking for some super simple homemade cat toys? I got you covered, these DIY cat toys are easy to make but will keep your cat entertained for hours. 

Ensuring your cat has plenty of different toys is key to keeping your cat happy. A good cat toy should keep their mind active and engaged, create a challenge as well as promote physical exercise.

As much as cats love to sleep, play is still an extremely important part of their wellbeing and is crucial for development in kittens. It is also a great way to prevent stress in cats.

There are tons of fantastic cat toys available to buy, but some of the best toys do not have to cost a thing. Your home is full of items which be used for DIY cat toys and best of all they will not cost a thing.

Top tip: Do not give your cat all their toys at once. Rotate them frequently to prevent them from getting bored and quickly losing interest in them. For a cat, a toy which they have not seen for a week or two is as good as one which is brand new. 

7 Super Simple Homemade Cat Toys

A cat playing with a DIY cat toy - a homemade cat puzzle feeder

A homemade cat puzzle feeder

You know the cupboard you have full of old Tupperware? It is time to put it to use with this DIY puzzle feeder. This one will take just a few minutes to make but will provide endless opportunities for fun.

Simply use a scalpel blade to cut various holes of different sizes in the Tupperware lid (big enough for a paw to get through), replace the lid and you have made your cat puzzle feeder.

Fill the feeder will some of your cat’s favourite treats (dry works best to save mess), add in a few rattle balls to aid stimulation then give to your cat. Watch as they try to work out how to retrieve their treats.

For extra stimulation, try adding in different smells or catnip to really get them excited. Each time they get the box, put something different inside so each time feels like a new toy or if you are planning on going out for a while put their daily kibble allowance in the box to prevent them eating it all at once – it will also entertain them throughout the day.

diy cork cat toys
Credit: Sweettmakesthree.com

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Cork DIY Cat Toys

Looking for a use for those old wine bottle corks? I love this idea of these DIY cat toys made from corks. Made using just old wine corks, ribbons and feathers, these are super quick homemade cat toys, again using craft items found around the house.

Using a combination of textures and colours on each cork to attract and hold attention. You can even try hanging the corks to encourage jumping play.

homemade cat parcel feeder

TP Catnip Parcels

Remember I said these home cat toys were going to be easy? It does not get much easier than empty toilet rolls.

Once all paper has been removed from the roll, fill the middle will catnip and push down the edges – you do not even need tape!

The great thing about these are they are made of cardboard, therefore they are completely safe for your cat to chew and when they get too soggy, chuck it in the bin and start again.

You can also fill the roll with their favourite treats.

This cat toy literally takes seconds to make and will not cost you anything.

T-Shirt Cat Toy-1-3

T-Shirt Cat Toy

We all have a few old T-shirts which we are waiting to drop to charity or put in the bin, why not use one or two of them to upcycle some new cat toys?

I love this simple but effective idea by Muslin and Merlot. Simply cut your old T-shirt into strips, to make it more attractive make the strips from two different colour T-shirts. Then tie the strips together with a knot in the middle – voila! A light-weight toy for your cat to chase and carry around.

ginger kitten with a diy cat toy bowl with water

Cat Water Bowl Enrichment

This one is a particular favourite of my cat Rue and it is probably the easiest DIY cat toy on this list. Simply fill up a small bowl with tap water (room temperature), I use an old mixing bowl and place inside 3 cat balls which float.

Rue will spend ages tapping the balls around the water, trying to get them out and generally splashing in the water. My next step for this toy will be to get a waterproof mechanical fish to put in the water to add extra engagement.

If you are using a particularly deep bowl or if you are making this for a small kitten – do not leave your cat unattended with this toy. 

DIY Scratching Post

If you want to make something slightly more adventurous then try this DIY Scratching board. 

You will need a bit more time and equipment for this one but it will still work out cheaper than purchasing a scratching post for the shop.

However, what I like most about this is you can customise it to suit your home decor! Instead of sometimes boring neutral coloured scratching post create one which is as colourful as your heart desires.

Toilet Roll Cat Toy

Yet another use for toilet rolls and again one which takes no time at all. I love this great idea for DIY cat toys by The Samantha Show.

Simply pierce holes throughout the toilet roll and thread straws through. For extra engagement place your cat’s favourite treats in the middle, giving them the challenge to remove them.

Aside from straws, why not attach feathers or poms poms to the outside for further toy ideas. Remember, alongside smells, different textures are great to keep cat’s minds active.

Cat toys do not need to be expensive, homemade cat toys are just as good, if not better as they can be adjusted and changed to create fresh interest. DIY cat toys are also a great way to get your children involved with looking after your cat and teaching them the importance of a cat’s different needs.

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